BYMS Celebrates Earth Day

Bernardo Yorba Middle School science students celebrated Earth Day during the week of Earth Day with activities such as drawing pictures with chalk on the quad, writing newspapers, making smores, and turning pizza boxes into a solar powered oven, according to Mrs. Hanger, an eighth-grade science teacher.

“BYMS faculty and staff celebrated Earth Day in style this year by wearing custom made BYMS Earth Day T-shirts,” stated Mrs. Hanger. Earth Day announcements were also read every day for the rest of the week every morning.

Some activities the eighth-grade grade science students did was making slide shows to present to the class and the students are assigned with a line magazine, “Science News for Students,” with topics about air, water, or land pollution according to Mrs. Hanger.

Seventh-grade students did activities such as writing newspaper articles about the characters in the Lorax and writing pledges on how students can help the environment, according to Mrs. Spicer seventh grade science teacher.

Earth Day was created by Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970. Nelson made the holiday because the United States government didn’t address the problem with our Earth environment, according to

Nelson soon got awarded with a presidential medal of freedom by former United States president Bill Clinton on 1995, according to Today, Earth Day is the most secular celebrated holiday around the world with over than 200,000,000 million people celebrating it worldwide, explained