BYMS Talent Show Features Singing, Dancing, and Ukuleles


“I was excited to see all of the great acts. I thought the students would like the staff acts,” stated Steve Marshall, Bernardo Yorba Middle School’s Assistant Principal in an interview with The Matador Messenger, about the BYMS Talent Show held during two assemblies with an evening show on March 9th.

A total of nine student acts were highlighted during the talent show including dancers, vocalists, and musicians.

“We’ve been hosting a talent show longer than I’ve been here. So, more than 22 years. I think the talent show as we know it (with more singing, dancing, and instrumentation, less lipsynching) has been for about 15 years now,” reported Keith Kish, the ASB/Leadership teacher.

Some of the students that performed in the talent show include, Tyler Kean, Lucas Fano, Tommy McTeir, and Ethan and Kade Morgan performing their Ride, Air Band.

Another act was Veronica French singing and Jessica Landin performing her dance she made up especially for this show.

“I felt very nervous, but at the same time super excited,” reported Jessica Landin in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Half-way through the show, commercials made by the ASB students were showed.

“I’m always curious about the kind of talent that will be on stage for this event. Every year is so different,” reported Ken Valburg, Principal of Bernardo Yorba Middle School, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.