Stay Fit Student of the Week: Bronson Mitchell

Stay Fit Student of the Week: Bronson Mitchell

In a review with the Matador Messenger, Bronson Mitchell’s reaction to being chosen as student of the week for Stay Fit was, “How? I’m just a normal student.”

“Bronson always puts in his best effort,” Ms. Barton stated, BYMS P.E. and Stay Fit teacher. “He takes physical activity seriously and understands the benefits of staying fit.”

“All muscular strength days are highlights for Bronson, as he thrives in that environment,” Ms. Barton added.

During his Stay Fit class, Bronson Mitchell found Mondays to be challenging, because Mondays are cardio days. Mitchell states that his favorite activities are, “Competition days, especially when playing dodgeball.” Outside of school, Mitchell enjoys football and baseball.

“Bronson’s great work ethic and positive attitude make him a stand out student, and one many others look to,” reported Mrs. Barton.

Mrs. Barton’s Stay Fit class is a class that Mitchell enjoys. “The class is awesome because of the classmates and activities,” stated Bronson Mitchell.