Social Studies Student of the Week: Jordan Holmes


“I was very excited and surprised that Mr. Shen chose me,” stated Jordan Holmes, seventh grade BYMS student, in an interview with the Matador Messenger when he was chosen as the Social Studies student of the week.

“Jordan does a great job on participating in class discussion.  He is a dependable person and always does good work,” stated Mr. Shen, Holmes’ social studies teacher.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Jordan Holmes said, “I haven’t really found too many activities in this class challenging, but the most difficult thing is preparing for HIstory Night with my group.”

Jordan is very enthusiastic about school and Mr. Shen’s class. “I like everything about it. History has always been my favorite subject, mostly because of the interesting things that happened in the past. The bonus is, Mr. Shen makes it really fun and exciting.”

During school, Jordan enjoys doing group projects, especially the social studies ones. Outside of school, he enjoys playing football and basketball. He also enjoys hanging out with friends.

“The subject is really interesting,” stated Jordan Holmes, “and I think that Mr. Shen is one of the most outstanding teachers.”