EHS Young Mens Festival: “Promotes the Joy of Singing”


“This was a fun event, meant to promote the joy of singing, especially the joy of singing in an all-male group”commented  Linda Nason, BYMS choir and intermediate strings director  about the Young’s Men’s Festival held at Esperanza on February 23, 2017.

“All the middle schools and high schools in the district including, Bernardo Yorba Middle School, Esperanza High School, Yorba Linda Middle School together with Yorba Linda High School, Travis Ranch Middle School, Valadez Middle School, Tuffree Middle School, Valencia High School together with Kraemer Middle School, and El Dorado High School,” explained Mrs. Nason.

Dr. Francisco Calvo evaluated the BYMS Men’s Choir. He is a highly respected in Southern California as a conductor, pianist, composer/arranger, and musicologist who  is currently on  staff at Chapman University,  and made critiques  about each choirs performances to help improve the way they perform.

The only advice given by  Dr. Calvo was to have more fun with the song.

All choirs performed fun, funny, and pop music commented Mrs. Nason about the songs.

Mrs. Nason enjoyed most of all was a Beatles song called  “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in a cappella  performed by a nine membered Esperanza choir.

One major upcoming event the vocal music program is the District Festival. The district festival includes Bernardo Yorba Middle School, Travis Ranch Middle School, Yorba Linda High School and Esperanza High School, as well as the elementary Honor Choir, takes place on Thursday, March 16 in the evening at the Vineyard Church on La Palma in Anaheim , added Mrs. Nason.