BYMS 2nd Quarter Spirit Rally Honors 382 Students

BYMS 2nd Quarter Spirit Rally Honors 382 Students

BYMS honored 382 students who earned a 3.0-4.0 GPA during the first quarter “Spirit Rally” held 6th period on February 22, 2017.

The spirit rally is a quarterly assembly to honor students with high GPA’s with no N’s, C’s, D’s, or F’s. The names of students were read for those who earned either the silver (GPA of a 3.0-3.49) , gold (GPA of a 3.5-3.99), or Principal’s List (4.0).

Student Council held fun but challenging games for the students and staff to play during the spirit rally.

These games included “waddle” a game where the students put a balloon between their legs and pass it to the next person on their team. “Ping Pong Bash” where one of the students on each team held a bucket above their head, the other team members hit a ping pong ball with a paddle to try to make it in the bucket.

The students who participated in the games were Bryce D, Aidian D, Josh M, Nolan M, Robert E, Matthew T, Gavin W, Alex P, George G, Hafsa N, Jordan H, Kush P, Aarifah C, and Ethan T.

The third quarter spirit rally starts in May.