BYMS Students Take PSAT

Courtesy of:  collegeadmissions

Courtesy of: collegeadmissions

Eighth grade BYMS students interested in taking the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test “PSAT” on March 4th from 8-11 in the MPR at BYMS need to contact Mrs. Swarm, the eighth grade AVID teacher, because seats are limited.

“For this first year of implementation, we were not sure how many students would be interested in taking the PSAT, so we just offered it to AVID students (it is one of the requirements for our AVID program certification) and 40 additional students on a first-come-first-serve basis.” stated Mrs. Swarm

The PSAT is a practice test for the ‘real’ SAT test students will take in eleventh and twelfth grade. The SAT is a test that admissions undergraduate programs of universities or colleges. “Over the last five years, the number of college-bound seniors who have taken the SAT at any point has risen steadily from 1.6 million to just under 1.7 million.” according to Quora.

Mrs. Swarm stated that there are a number of  benefits for students who are taking the PSAT, “Students can benefit because they will be better prepared for the “real” tests like the PSAT and SAT in high school that determine college eligibility and scholarships.” she added, “They will be comfortable with the format, and they can work on areas of weakness to improve before the test really “counts.” ”

The PSAT is open to all eighth graders but there are limited seats and little time, as the test will take place Saturday, March 4th from 8-11 am in the MPR at BYMS.