Advanced Drama Student of The Week: Musaffa Jawed

Swarm states “Positive Energy and Takes Initiative to Help in Our Upcoming Shows.”


Mrs. Swarm, Advanced Drama Director, has chosen Musaffa Jawed as the student of the week, Swarm stated, “He has been named as student of the week for his positive energy and for taking an initiative to help in our upcoming show, ‘Hairspray JR.'”

“Musaffa has used his technical expertise and his own time to make rehearsal CDs for all of the students in our class.  His efforts will help move our show forward by allowing our actors to rehearse at home as well as in class,” stated Swarm.

Musaffa is playing two roles in the upcoming play Hairspray JR. He will be playing as Gilbert, a 1960s teenager and a gym teacher at the local high school. Musaffa said he was “very happy” when he heard about being chosen the student of the week.

Musaffa enjoys the practice, cheering, play, auditions, and the acting with the other cast members. He stated that the most challenging parts in this class were the practicing lines and the auditions. Musaffa also enjoys basketball outside of school. He stated, “The Advanced Drama teacher Mrs. Swarm is very nice and very cooperative with us.”