Perez and Boyer Place First in BYMS Ping Pong Tournament


Partners Griffin Perez and Elliot Boyer were declared the winners of the BYMS Ping Pong Tournament, held in the month of December. The two winners both received a certificate and a Target five dollar gift card.

“Overall, I believe that the ping pong tournament was a huge success that multiple students enjoyed participating in. The games were very intense but every student was respectful to the other team. The tensest game was the finals because there was a conflict with whether something was a rule or not,” stated Jayden Pritchett, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“The ping pong tournament was very successful and was run very smoothly. It was a very good way to acknowledge the champions as very good ping pong players. The students who participated had good sportsmanship. Overall, I enjoyed putting on this tournament and had a fun time being the referee,” according to David Sanchez, also in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“The tournament was challenging because we had to play numerous games to get to the finals, and once we lost a game, we were dead. So, Matthew took the lead early, and they got really high in points. The score was 11-6 and we needed a comeback. We somehow came back and won 14-12, and I still can’t understand it”.

“The strength of my partner was that he had long arms, so he could reach further, unlike me. And he covered half the table. I like ping pong because it is an easy sport to learn, but hard to master. There’s always a challenge,” stated Elliot Boyer.

“The most challenging part of the competition was not over hitting the ball very much. The strengths of our team are we are both quick and can place the ball where it is hard to hit. The sport is calm and relaxing,” according to Griffin Perez.

-Teams for the Ping Pong Tournament-

  • Preston Lin and Nolan Milliman
  • Noah Olmeda and Aidan Dobyns
  • Jake Rydbeck and Logan Mccormick
  • Cris Cordova and Trevor V
  • Matthew Travassaros and Jacob Pereda
  • Cayden Ellis and Bryce Cawell
  • Serena Keeler and Eric Fernandez
  • Eric Stratford and Michael Martinez
  • Casey Williams and Noah Watson
  • Brian Russell and Aiden Perrin
  • Zachary Currier and Preston Vargas
  • Adrian Moreno and Remy Ickes
  • Jordan Moreno and Gavin Warner
  • Jason Whisler and Selena Alvarez
  • Ryan Davis and Sean Moore
  • Griffin Perez and Elliot Boyer
  • Vicente Beltran and Jack Skager
  • Spencer Richmond and Zach Pickrell
  • Dyanna Henriquez and Josh Moore