Social Studies Student of the Week: Chloe Lee

Social Studies Student of the Week: Chloe Lee

“I was extremely surprised and excited when I found out that I was picked to be the student of the week,” stated 8th-grade BYMS student, Chloe Lee.

“Chloe did an exceptional job recently on her Constitutional Convention notes,” stated Mr. Phil Seitz, BYMS social studies teacher. “She demonstrated her ability to draw images that reflect the content of the notes. Her Connections to the notes (questions) were great,” stated Mr. Seitz.

“Chloe stands out because of her dedication to work that exceeds all requirements. She is a creative artist. She makes every effort to improve whatever she doing at that time.”

Chloe enjoys gymnastics, dance, and playing the violin outside of school.

“I enjoy taking notes and learning about U.S history in depth and in a fun, unique way” Lee stated, “This class is one of the classes I look forward to because Mr. Seitz helps me stay focused on the subject and task at hand.”