BYMS Golfer Avery Hancock Hits the Range to Make the Putt


Sioux Dobjan

“Putting is the most challenging part because every green is different, and you have to be really good at reading puts” explained Avery Hancock, a BYMS eighth grade student who has a passion for golfing in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Avery, who has been playing golf for three to four years,  has recently  won a Junior Club Championship over the summer of 2016.

Serious golfers need to practice for many hours to perfect their skills. Avery stated, “I chip half an hour, put for half an hour, hit range balls for half an hour, and then play holes.” Avery practices 14 hours a week.

Although a very time consuming sport Avery stated, “I enjoy that golf is an individual sport and if I make a mistake it’s on me” when asked what she enjoys most about being a golfer.

Avery stated, “ I plan on playing golf in high school and college. I also plan on practicing daily and winning local tournaments,” when asked what she will be doing in the future.