Leadership Student of the Week: Jayden Pritchett

Leadership Student of the Week: Jayden Pritchett

“I was surprised and grateful,” stated eighth grade BYMS student Jayden Pritchett, upon hearing that she was chosen as “Student of the Week” for leadership.

Jayden enjoys making posters, Thank You’s, setting up events, announcing to classes, and many more activities.

“Jayden is responsible and understands how to communicate with students and adults.  She is a caring individual who puts others before herself.” stated Mr. Kish.

A BYMS Leadership teacher Mr. Kish, explained that Jayden is very social because she is part of a group who eats lunch and plays games.

Her challenges in the leadership class is that sometimes “It is hard to work with people who don’t want to be worked with.”

Jayden enjoys being a goalie for her club soccer team, serving at Friends Church, and hanging out with her friends.

She had Mr. Kish last year for Yearbook and Jayden stated “I have been absolutely blessed. Leadership is by far one of my favorite classes, taught by my favorite teacher.”