Bernardo Holds Annual Anti-Bullying Assembly for Seventh Graders



    Bernardo Yorba Middle School held their annual two day anti-bullying workshop, “4Word Momentum”, for all seventh graders to attend for two days on November 5th and 6th in the MPR.

    Lauren Farer, a seventh grader who went to the assembly said, “To me, the most important message of the workshop was to choose kindness towards others, no matter what,” stated Lauren Farer, BYMS seventh grader

    The workshop had many fun activities about how to treat everyone with kindness and respect. One of them included standing in two large circles, one within the other, and going around in opposite directions, high-fiving the person across from you. Every so often you would stop and do an activity with the person next to you. This taught you to be kind to everyone and to branch out and meet new people!

    Towards the end of the workshop, it started to get emotional. The leader talked about eye-opening topics such as how everyone goes through different things, whether we know about it or not. He talked about how being kind to everyone is key, because you never know what someone is going through in their personal life or at home.

    “I really liked how they had all the fun games that introduced me to everyone at the beginning, then did the emotional part at the end, so we knew the people, what they were going through, and could comfort them about what we found out,” stated Bri Jones, BYMS seventh grader.

    “Overall, I thought the assembly had a very powerful message to the people who felt like they could relate and couldn’t relate alike,” stated Lauren Farer, “It made everyone feel closer together as friends and introduced everyone, including myself, to new people.”