BYMS Run Club Focuses on Agility, Speed, and Distance


BYMS is currently hosting an after school Run Club hosted by Ms. DeFriese, a BYMS language arts teacher.

The BYMS Run Club is an after school running club that is very simple to join. “There are no signups to be able to join… just show up,” reports Ms. DeFriese in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“This after school Run Club focuses on agility, speed, and distance, with training exercises such as three mile runs, speed workouts on the track, and agility exercises,”states  Ms. DeFriese.

One aspect about the BYMS Run Club is that there is no year-long commitment. It will also be possible for students only to join if they feel they need to practice before a very improved running grade in P.E.

“Students are dutifully returning to the program this year,” reports DeFriese.“Many use this as an opportunity to get an early start on conditioning for the middle school track meet.”

Josh Moore, a fellow Run Club participant, said this in an interview with the Matador Messenger , “The Run Club is very challenging, but if you work hard while doing the exercises, it helps your cardiovascular endurance.”   

Students interested in joining the club at any time can meet after school room 304 in the 300 building.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ms. DeFriese on campus or at [email protected].