Student of the Week: Yuzhou Zhang


Yuzhou Zhang, a 14 year old 8th grade BYMS student from Zhuhai, China, may only speak limited English, but lets his performance as a musician “speak for his talent.”

Zhang came to America this year and enjoys playing the saxophone. He likes jazz and American culture and has a willingness and curiosity to learn English. When he told Mrs. Hensel that he liked to play the saxophone, he desperately wanted to be in the band. He plays the Alto Sax – Yanagisawa and Electronic Sax –  Akai Professional EWI 5000.

“When he tried out in the auditions for band, Mrs. Watson not only put him in the marching band, but also in the jazz group. His devotion to music shows every time he picks up his saxophone and plays”, stated Deborah Hensel, ELD teacher.

Other activities Zhang likes doing is writing music and likes American football yet, he does not have a favorite team at the moment. Other instruments he plays is piano and guitar.