Ron Rodriguez Reprises Role as BYMS Assistant Principal

Mr. Rodriguez Returns While Principal Valburg Recovers from Heart Surgery

Ron Rodriguez Reprises Role as BYMS Assistant Principal

Are you wondering who the mystery man is walking through the halls, quad, and office of BYMS is? He is none other than our former BYMS Assistant Principal, Ron Rodriguez , who has come out of retirement to help Assistant Principal Steve Marshall while Mr. Valburg is recovering from heart surgery.

Mr. Rodriguez, who will be assistant principal until the end of December worked  at BYMS for 22 years and retired in 2011.  

“I was inspired to take a job of assistant principal because I wanted to help a great school,” Mr. Rodriguez stated during an interview with Matador Messenger.

Being at BYMS for 22 years was not the only position he has had in the PYLUSD district. Mr. Rodriguez started working at El Dorado High School and taught English. He also was an activities director, cheerleader adviser, assistant principal, and he coached both football and track. Additionally, he was Assistant Principal at Esperanza High School for three years.

When asked what his hobbies and interests are outside of working, he said, “I like to workout, travel when possible, and read.” Rodriguez also said that he belongs to two book clubs.

Rodriguez stated that he was inspired to make a comeback to BYMS because he wanted to “help out a great school.”