Choir and Advanced Drama Presented: The Bully Chronicles

Choir and Advanced Drama Presented: The Bully Chronicles

“The anti-bullying presentation was started a few years ago with the hope that a different type of approach would reach more students and that it would bring them to an understanding of the pain caused by bullying.” stated Linda Nason choir teacher when explaining why this anti-bullying assembly was taken place.

Vocal Ensemble choir started off with the song “Everyone”, it was followed up with an act by Advanced Drama performing their act, Color. Color had the students, Lyric Wilder, Jordan Holmes, Caiden Gastil, and Isabella Borboa. The skit talked about people with different color and how they should be equality.

Next, Concert Choir  performed their song, “Shake It Off”. After that, drama had the skit Medieval, showing us Ashlee Holmes playing as Godiva, the bully picking on Julie Hussain. This act shows us popularity should not be used to pick on others. Aidan Dobbins acting as Prince Arthur takes the part of a hero. Collaborating together, Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir sang in two parts “Best Day of My Life”.

Followed up by If Only with the actors, Mackenzie Clifton, Kiely Delaney, Jake Napier, Bob Engleby, Abby Franklyn, Lauren Tollison, Laurana Tetzlaff, Sophia Sernaque, Grace Edwards, and  Maya Alvarez. If Only explains how some people focus on clothing and bully others that do not have the same type of style as theirs. Performing together again, Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir sang “Roar” with a three part. The final skit performed by advanced drama was Many Faces of Bullying, providing the audience with the knowledge of the many types of bullying and how someone could stop it. Ending off the assembly and performance from both Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble sing “Fight Song”.

“The most challenging part for me was getting into character because being a bully is just not me. The most rewarding part for me was when the audience applauded because everyone seemed very happy with how it turned out” stated Mackenzie Clifton a student acting as one of the main bullies in the skit If Only when explaining the hardest part of being in the performance and the most rewarding part.

“The most challenging thing was acting sad and getting into character and the most rewarding thing was my family when they came to see me and all the appreciation they showed” explained Abby Franklyn a student the act If Only being the one getting picked on when explaining what was the most challenging and rewarding part of the play was to her.

“The most challenging part was being a bully because there are a lot of real life situations and dramatic plays that we did and you see a lot of fex people, and the most rewarding this was when Mr.Marshall our vice principal brought us cookies in the morning” stated Adara Kerstetter playing the main bullies best friend in  Many Faces of Bullying when explaining what the most rewarding part and the most challenging part of the skits were.