Mrs. Breneman and Mrs. Harrison Lead 4th Period Class Competitions


BYMS Leadership has announced the 4th period class that are now in the lead fro their 4th period class competitions. After the first quarter of heated competition between our 4th period classes, the current results have been calculated. So far the top point earning classes are…

In 1st place: Mrs.Breneman

2nd: Mrs.Perez


4th: Mr.Shen

5th: Mrs.Hanger

6th: Ms.DeFriese

ASB will keep the top classes notified of their points as the year progresses by means of morning announcements and posters

Show your school spirit and join us in the various rewards at the end of the year

At BYMS, each fourth period class will be able to earn points through outstanding participation in various activities such as: fundraisers, school drives, and noontime activities.

Here are some spirit days:

Wear Red White Blue (Sept 9)

Crazy Sock Day (Sept 30)

Crazy Hair Day (Oct 7)

Wear Pink Day (Oct 12)

Wear Red Day (Oct 26)

Halloween Costumes (Oct 31)

Disney Day (Nov 9)

Mustache Day (Nov 16)

Twin Day (Dec 2)

Ugly Sweater Day (Dec 14)

Superhero Day (Jan 18)

Wear Red, Pink, or Purple Day (Feb 14)

Wear Green Day (March 17)

Tie Dye Day (March 29)

Jersey Day (April 19)

Hawaiian Day (May 10)

Hat Day (June 12)

The point system below is our guideline for the year to reward out top classes based on points earned throughout the entire year. Work hard and enjoy the year.

Points earned for each of the following individual activities…

Spirit Dress Days

1st place= 6 points

2nd place= 5 points

3rd place= 4 points

4th place= 3 points

5th place= 2 points

6th place= 1 point

All school-wide drives (pop tops, canned food, etc.)

1st place= 6 points

2nd place= 5 points

3rd place= 4 points

4th place= 3 points

5th place= 2 points

6th place 1 point

At the end of the year, ASB will provide the following rewards to the top classes based on cumulative points

1st place= pizza, root beer floats, and donuts

2nd place= pizza and root beer floats

3rd place= pizza and donuts

4th place= pizza

5th place= root beer floats

6th place= donuts