BYMS Honors Veterans with “Stars”


In celebration of Veterans Day on Friday, November 11, the BYMS library is sponsoring a “ Stars for Veterans” display, including stars with handwritten messages from students and staff, to commemorate the dedication and sacrifices of American veterans throughout the decades.

Students and staff are being encouraged to stop by the library, write a brief message, and name of a veteran on a star. The stars will be collected by Mrs. McCann, BYMS librarian, and later placed on a banner outside the front of the school to celebrate Veterans Day.

“My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and I have several family members that have served in the military all the way back to the Civil War,” stated Mrs. McCann, about  that motivated her to do this program.

“ I like seeing and hearing stories that students have as they fill out the stars,” stated Mrs. McCann about what she hopes that will be accomplished or learned from what she is sponsoring.  

“ Some have even asked asked their parents if anyone has served and shocked to find out that a grandpa or other family member served in a branch of the military,” Mrs. McCann said about what she hopes that will be accomplished or learned from the ”Stars for Veterans.”

“ It starts a conversation and it is a way, albeit small, to honor and say”, “Thank You” to veterans, Mrs. McCann added.