BYMS Sponsors Ronald McDonald’s Pop Top Drive


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Have you ever seen those little tabs on your soda cans? Well, Ronald McDonald house for children is hosting a pop top drive.

Bring in your pop tops all year long to your 4th period class. Make sure to bring lots because they will count toward your 4th period class competition.

ASB will calculate and collect them monthly. Remember, by giving pop tops, you are not just helping The Ronald McDonald house, but also your 4th period class competition.

How does this help? Well, just look at the Korda family.

Noah and Melissa Korda needed a place to stay. Their three month-old had a mal seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. While she was there, Noah and Melissa found a home with the Ronald McDonald house.

“After she came out of her seizure, we went to UCI Medical to make sure she was ok. While in the emergency room waiting to be seen by a doctor, Sadie completely crashed on my lap. This was the scariest thing in my life,” reported Noah.

“Melissa and I were so distraught and could not think clearly. We both had just witnessed our only daughter almost die. We couldn’t even think about having to drive 42 miles one way just to go back home or to drive back to Orange County.’’

The Korda family stayed in one of the Ronald McDonald houses in Orange County. They also paid for their food, and supported the family through the tough time.