ELA Student of the Week: Carter Topel


“I was shocked that out of all the students that could’ve been picked it was me.” stated 8th grade student Carter Topel when he found out he was student of the week. When we interviewed Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Perez’s student teacher, what qualities make Carter a stand out student in her class, she answered, “Carter comes to class with a positive, growth mindset everyday, going above and beyond my expectations for both individual and group activities.”

We also ask Mrs. Harrison if she can describe a particular project or assignment that Carter is working on. Her response was “Carter is recently working on a narrative in relationship to their unit on suspense. Which was not required an example of how he goes above and beyond.”

Carter enjoys practicing his clarinet and playing video games after school. But his favorite activities during class are writing short stories and reading.

           “Carter loves having Mrs. Harrison as a student teacher and being in Mrs. Perez’s class. Language arts is one of his favorite subjects and all my Language arts teachers always make it fun!” Stated Carter when we asked him if he had anything to say about his teacher and his class.

Mrs. Harrison also stated, “Carter is a role model for others in that he is not only bright, but he is also positive, and open to share with others.”