BYMS Photography Club: “Teaching the Art of Photography in a Fun Way”

BYMS Photography Club: Teaching the Art of Photography in a Fun Way

All students at BYMS can now join the the Photography Club which meets every other Wednesday in room 603 and is sponsored by Mr. Shen, “I know that many students are interested in photography and I thought it would be great to start a club that could explore this field,” stated Mr. Shen, who teaches seventh grade social studies.

“The photography club is all about taking photos and filming, The goals of this club are to teach us the art of photography in a fun way, and to teach us what processing a picture can do,” Mr. Shen stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

He also hopes that he can teach members about camera settings and how to take better pictures. Shen also added that cameras on phones are getting better each and every day and that the need for the cameras are starting to be unnecessary.

Members will use a couple different cameras including the Olympus and a Panasonic, which are both micro 4/3s which is a reference to the size. The pictures are posted in a gallery that he can only share privately.

Mr. Shen started taking pictures because it was something he enjoyed doing. He captures pictures at all the school spirit days and all the events that the school has to offer. He can also shoot family pictures, senior pictures, and theatre photography.