Free Dobby sock drive helps the needy


Christine Perez (Mrs. Perez)

Morgan, Secily, Lily, Ashlynn, Jesse, Ellyssa, and Aiden

“Over the years I have been affiliated with several different organizations which aid the homeless.  You and I take something as simple as a pair of socks for granted.  To us, it is something our parents pick up at Target or Kohls when we need them”, stated Mrs. Deborah Hensel, BYMS ELD (english language development) and language arts teacher, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“When I set up my room this fall, I hung a picture on the wall that says, “Free Dobby” explained Mrs. Hensel.  In the J. K. Rowling’s novels there is a character named Dobby.  He is a poor house elf that doesn’t have any possessions of his own.  Harry gives him a sock and frees him from his life of servitude with the Malfoy family,” she added.

How can you participate? Simple. First, buy some socks (they must be unused and packaged). Second, drop them off in the boxes in your classroom. If you, for some reason, don’t have a box in your classroom, then go see Mrs. Hensel to drop off your socks.This drive will end the 28th of October.

“To a homeless person, this simple item is sometimes unattainable and means a great deal.  Also, as our weather changes, having a clean dry pair of socks will keep them in good health” Mrs. Hensel.

The Free Dobby committee also helped. This committee hung and made posters, passed out boxes, and did weekly announcements. Thank you to Lily, Jesse, Morgan, Secily, Ellyssa, and me, Ashlynn.

Need help getting sock retailers? If you want to go low price, then go to the Dollar Tree. They have nice socks for a low price. Want to put a little more quality? Then go to target or Kohl’s. Wanting to give something unique? Go to Happy Socks. They have nice, fun socks.

“This simple character made me begin to think it would be a great opportunity for my students to participate in a sock drive for those in need” explained Mrs. Hensel.