The Life Of Choir at BYMS

Photo Courtesy of  choirquotes.quotesgram

Photo Courtesy of choirquotes.quotesgram

“I’m hearing a lot of great singing with wonderful enthusiasm and very good musicality.” stated Mrs. Linda  Nason, the BYMS Choir  Director, when explaining what excites her the most when working with the choir classes this year.

Mrs. Nason teaches four different types of subjects including her mixed advanced choir, her all girls choir-concert choir, her beginning choir, and beginning orchestra. Before teaching her choir class, she teaches vocal music at other PYLUSD  elementary schools including Fairmont Elementary.

Mrs. Nason’s choir classes are practicing a number of skills to be top notch singers.  She stated, “We are learning to read the symbols of music, learning to expand our singing ranges(more high notes and more low notes), and learning to sing together as a group.”

Earlier this year Mrs. Nason has been preparing the choirs for new upcoming performances coming up soon, the Fall Preview on Tuesday, October 18 “for the parents eyes only”.This will be followed by the anti-bullying musical in collaboration with BYMS Advanced drama evening performance on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The next day all three choirs all perform the anti-bullying music for an assembly.

“The thing I found most challenging about choir is when we have to learn more harder pieces of music with harder notes. What excites me the most about choir is performing with all my friends.” stated Alexis Campos, two year choir student(8th grader) in Mrs. Nason’s highest choir class when asked what is the most challenging part in choir, and what excites her the most.

Another student who in their first year of choir, Tori Juarez explains, “Having to be perfect when it comes to our songs and I love how everyone is so encouraging to others” when asked the same previous questions.