Concert Choir Scores Superior

The BYMS Concert Choir, composed of 28 members and under the direction of Mrs. Linda Nason, earned a superior score and plaque during the Southern California Vocal Association, SCVA, Festival, at Segerstrom High School, on Friday May 13.

Other schools that attended the SCVA Festival were McFadden Intermediate School in Santa Ana (two choirs),  Ball Junior High School in Anaheim, Spurgeon Intermediate School in Santa Ana, and Manhattan Beach Middle School in Manhattan Beach, according to Mrs. Nason.

The choirs are graded on Blend (how well voices combine, are there any voices that stick out?), Balance (singing notes smoothly), Diction (can we hear what you’re singing clearly?), Intonation (accuracy of pitch) , Correct Notes and Correct Rhythms, and Facial Expression (are you showing emotion of the song?).

Scores are calculated using a 4.0 grade point average (GPA). A Superior score ranges from 3.7-4.0.

Earning a Superior score requires teamwork and focus. “We have to make sure the whole choir blended together into one voice,” explained Gracie Hurst, 8th grade BYMS student.

Raven Gutierrez, 8th grade Concert Choir member at BYMS stated, “Getting the right dynamics on some of the songs was a challenging aspect of preparing for the festival.”

Bethany Barks 7th grade member of the Concert Choir reported, “The challenging thing about preparing for the festival was trying to get the pitch right.”

Members of the choir had in common seeing all the other choirs perform.

“The most exciting thing about the festival was probably being able to hear all of the other choirs sing,” explained Barks.

“The most exciting thing was of course to perform but I really enjoyed listening to all the other choirs,” reported Gutierrez.

“It was so interesting to see all the other school choirs perform,” described Hurst, “It was a blast to watch and think, we are all going through the same thing.”

Choir members felt elated when they found out they won a superior.

“I felt so happy and excited because I know how hard we all worked and how much Mrs. Nason wanted a superior,” reported Gutierrez.

“I felt elated and overjoyed that the thing we have been working so hard for since the beginning of the school year finally paid off,” stated Hurst, “I was so proud of the seventh and eighth graders in the group because we all worked so hard and I can honestly say that we are all one big, concert choir family.”

“I was really excited because I know we weren’t loud enough in some parts and too loud in others,” explained Barks, “I guess I was just happy that we got a score like vocal ensemble’s.”

“I was VERY proud of them, and so was our accompanist, Sue Bringhurst.,” stated Linda Nason.