Perez and Richmond Break School Record for Most Laps Run

top; Perez bottom; Richmond

Carly DeGirolomo

top; Perez bottom; Richmond

Griffin Perez and Spencer Richmond have set a new record for most laps ran in seven weeks. They both ran 57 laps in seven weeks which ended on May 27, according to Mr. Roach.

“I was difficult but it was worth it,” stated Perez. “I felt great when I beat the BYMS record,” stated Richmond.

The previous record was set last year by Christopher Roberson, and he ran a total of 55 laps in seven weeks. He also broke the record of 47 laps two years ago, reported Mr. Wilson.

Mr.Wilson has advice for those hoping to beat the record next year. “I would suggest play an extra activity such as soccer, track, and basketball to increase endurance,” stated Mr.Wilson BYMS P.E Teacher.