Esperanza and Yorba Linda High Schools Offer Summer Sports Camps for Incoming Freshmen

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Eighth grade students interested in participating high school sports may wish to sign up for a sports camps at Esperanza and Yorba Linda high school.

Students can sign up online by following the directions at, or sign up by mail with a check or money form order, or in person by giving your registration form to the coach or the school you will be attending. Athletes can find all registration forms on

A physical is required for all athletes wanting to participate in the camp or the sport. Although the date for the on-campus physical has passed students need to make an appointment with a doctor who will complete a form that you must print out on various websites that offer them.

Esperanza High School offers 22 different camps for male and female athletes, including soccer, basketball, cross-country, and tennis. Yorba Linda High School offers 21 total camps, including such sports being basketball, wrestling, and soccer. The camps each start at a different times and dates, which can be found at and

Camps at different schools will be starting at different points and all times and dates can be found on and, depending on the school you will be attending. The Esperanza weight room will be open three weeks before camps begin.

You can also contact the sports directors of the schools. If you will be attending a school other than Esperanza or Yorba Linda you can find your school forms and camps available on the corresponding school website.

Esperanza Men’s Athletic Director: Mathew Slevcove 714-986-7540

Esperanza Women’s Athletic Director: Keri Walters 714-986-7540