BYMS Annual Awards Night Recognizes 107 Students



At the annual BYMS “Recognition Awards Night” 59 eighth grader and 48 seventh grader were honored with medals by every teacher per class period in the MPR from 6:30-7:30 on May 31.

“My favorite part of awards night was seeing students getting their awards from their teachers,” stated 7th grader at BYMS, David Sanchez, seventh grade BYMS student  who earned medals from Mrs. Watson for band and Mr. Shen for Social Science.

Students were recognized for their hard work and commitment in school, in all subject areas.  Ms. Pendleton, BYMS Counselor, stated, “This is an evening that we want to always hold special … not only for the students who have achieved these awards with their teacher’s recognition … but to celebrate their families too … and for all to be a part of the accomplishments that they can also enjoy.”

“I received my award from Ms. Barton for P.E. At awards night, it was great to see everyone get honored by medals,” stated 8th grader at BYMS, Paris Atchley.

The categories that students received in Excellence were Math, Science, Social Science, Language Arts, Physical Education, Study Skills, ELD, Avid, Outstanding Achievement, Art, Yearbook, Leadership, Health, Exploratory Tech, Spanish, Newspaper, Vocal Music, Drama, Instrumental Music, and Rotary Four-Way Test Award.

Jake Overman,BYMS eighth grader stated, “I received my award from Ms. Barton and my favorite part was being recognized in front of all the students and teachers for the work that the other TA’s and I do.”

“I was very honored to be apart of the BYMS Awards Night, and I greatly enjoyed attending,” stated Carley Austin, seventh grade BYMS student who earned her medal from Mrs. Spicer for Science.

“I really enjoy the awards night.  I like to see students rewarded for their hard work. I thought it was great that so many different students were recognized. I enjoyed seeing the students all dressed up, and the pride on their parent’s faces when their kids were called up,” stated Mr.Marshall, Assistant Principal at BYMS.

The following is an alphabetical list of all students who were honored:


Katharina Abramovich

Elyzabeth Andersen

Paris Atchley

Carley Austin

Kaylee Barkley

Bethany Barks

Eloise Barrett-Legrand

Marine Barrett-Legrand

Karson Bollinger

Angela Booth

Sara Bridges

Bailey Brost

Ann Bui

Aaliyah Bustamante

Angelo Calavitta

Alexis Campos

William Castillo

Collin Chavez

Elaine Chen

Ester Choi

Hannah Coor

Jordan Crothers

Alexandria Dahncke

Kaitlyn Della Rocco

Anthony DiMaio

Gabriela Duran

Elise Eckberg

Justin Ehrman

Simon Fahmy

Youssef Fakhro

Gianna Fernandez

Haley Finn

Noah Finn

Daniel Garcia

Kara Gibbons

Cassidy Gibson

Jessica Gonzalez

Raven Gutierrez

Nina Guzman

Kiana Halbritter

Jiarui Han

Zachary Hernandez

Alexis Herrmann

Djoshuany Iribe

Emily Ito

Josna Joseph

Niyati Katwala

Camdyn Kersetter

Samuel Kolb

Catherine Krier

Chriselle Kyra Reyes

Katrina La

Rachel Lassalle

Alexandra Laura

Alexandra Laura Lozoya

Nathan Le

Phoebe Le

Mackenzie Lemmon

Lillian Lin

Hannah Lopez

Makeila Lopez

Elijah Mauga

Bailey Maxwell

Alyssa McBenttes

Shaun Mchale

Ryan Mesa

Evan Miller

Madison Miller

Josh Moore

Jackson Mugar

Michael Nadeau

Hafsa Nasir

Rema Nawfal

Brian Nguyen

Darren Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Matthew Nguyen

Noah Olmeda

Jake Overman

Maitri Parekh

Tia Patel

Savannah Pietsch

Anna Plover

Jayden Prichett

Spencer Richmond

Maria Rios

Christopher Robertson

Giselle Robles

Eryn Romano

Brian Russell

Olivia Sage

David Sanchez

Elina Savalia

Christopher Schumerth

Evan Shank

Nathan Stevens

Dallin Todd

Angela Toyos

Maren Ure

Yiran “Cindy” Wang

“Susie” Wan

Kami Wong

Kaylee Worrell

Joshua Yee

Matthew Yee

Bryana Zapatka

Justin Zhao

Leo Zhao