Health Student of the Week: Kayla Asmus

“I was very surprised (in a good way) and happy for myself,” stated Kayla Asmus BYMS 7th grader when she was chosen as outstanding student in health.

“Kayla has earned an A on every test and assignment so far in the 3rd quarter,” reported Mrs. Breneman, BYMS language arts and health teacher.

Kayla enjoys learning about the lessons that Breneman is teaching, and the Transitions class because she believes it makes the class more fun. Kayla really enjoys the lessons on physical health, how to maintain friendships, and stress management. Kayla also enjoys Well Cast videos they watch.

The students created and designed their own health triangles. Mrs. Breneman liked how Kayla’s creativity showed in her finished product. “Kayla is always on task, polite, courteous, focused on her assignments, and puts forth outstanding efforts,” stated Mrs. Breneman.

Kayla enjoys playing soccer outside of school, and she also participated in this year’s tack meet. Kayla participated in the 300m sprint and the 4 * 100 relay. Kayla won both events. Kayla is on the soccer team, Strikers OC.

“I am glad that Bernardo puts health as an elective for all 7th graders, because I enjoy this class, and Mrs. Breneman is a great teacher!” stated Kayla.