Science Student of the Week: James Salcedo

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Carly Degirolomo

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“James has great citizenship and work ethic. He doesn’t allow himself to be distracted, but is still very involved in class” wrote Ms. Wroth, a Bernardo Yorba Middle School science teacher.

Ms. Wroth chose science student James Salcedo to be Science Student of the week. “I was a bit shocked,” said James when told this news, “I never thought a teacher would choose me.”

“James shows that he can be friendly and social, but also dedicated to his work and classroom performance… James recently scored 112% on a test, missing zero questions and earning extra credit points. This was on a difficult subject matter and showed that he was well prepared.” appraised Ms. Wroth

He enjoys looking at the structure of an atom, and what certain elements that combine together make. James also likes “working with other students… because they tend to not know what they are doing.”

“I am thankful for having Ms. Wroth as a teacher she has made science so much fun and is really good at keeping her students involved.” stated James Salcedo a BYMS student.