Restrictions for Your BYMS Promotion


8th Graders at Last Years Promotion. Courtesy of Sherman Shen

Are you shopping for the perfect promotion ceremony outfit? If so, before you rent that tuxedo or purchase that strapless gown you may want to check out the BYMS clothing promotion dress code, to prevent any day of event surprises.

With under 30 days left until promotion all BYMS 8th graders have to follow a certain dress code. “You may be at risk of not being able to go to promotion if you don’t follow the 2015-2016 dresscode,” stated Mr. Marshall.

Girls cannot wear any of the following:

  • No completely backless, sheer or strapless dresses (dresses/tops must cover your bra strap)
  • Garments shorter than mid-thigh
  • Floor length dress/skirts (this is for safety reasons)
  • Garments that are too revealing (low cut necklines, exposing cleavage, sheer garments, midriff tops, backless tops, etc.)
  • Hats without BYMS logo
  • No heels (wedges are accepted. Open toe shoes are permitted with a back strap)

Boys cannot wear any of the following:

  • Tank tops
  • Undershirts (such as tank tops)
  • Tuxedos
  • Hats without BYMS logo

For further information visit and or call the office. A date will be scheduled for Mr. Marshall to discuss the dress code with all BYMS 8th grade students.