Sara Enright, Eighth Grader at BYMS Trains With US Olympic Volleyball Team


Lauren Enright

Eighth grade student at BYMS, Sara Enright, was recently chosen by to train with, and get mentored by the US Olympic Volleyball team.

Enright’s Golden West coach, Doug Kawa, got in touch the Yorba Linda Women’s Volleyball coach who made contact with the advisor of the USA Olympic Team. Sara was the only one picked out of everyone on her team, and everyone in the state by her 4 coaches because of her work ethic and skill.

“When my coach, Doug, told me that the US team wanted me, I couldn’t believe it. Playing on the olympic team has been my dream since I was 6.” Enright said. Sara will start attending their practices, and will be given the opportunity to chose one player to train with.

“The only downfall, is that I probably won’t have any free time anymore,” Sara explains. “I’ll be juggling school, church, volleyball, and now this, but I don’t care because I’ll be doing something I love.” Sara practices 3-4 days a week, and puts all of her time into the sport to  improve.

“In 5 years, I definitely see myself on the court. I’m hoping I’ll play for a long time, and go into a career,” Enright answered. “My goal is to play at USC, then maybe follow in the footsteps of the women I’m training with, and be on the olympic team.”