BYMS Held Superhero Day Friday May 6th

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Time to pull out your capes, tights, and mask in preparation for BYMS “Superhero Day”, Friday May 6th.

We have recently talked to the teachers at BYMS and asked them who their inner superhero is.

“My favorite superhero is Professor X because he has special mind powers and he is a teacher,” Mr. Shen explained, a seventh grade history teacher.

Mrs. Hanger, eighth grade science teacher, and Mrs. Cyrus math teacher, both appreciate the boldness of Wonder Women. On the other hand, Mrs. Gaitan, spanish teacher, loves Superman because he is a smart and handsome young man.

“I admire Thor because he expresses my inner viking,” Mrs. Perez commented, eighth grade language arts teacher and newspaper advisor.

If you want to show your Inner superhero self you might be inspired by the words of Batman, “You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero!”