PYLUSD Superintendent Presented Pins for 15 or More Years of Service to BYMS Staff

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PYLUSD superintendent, Dr. Doug Domene, presented six Bernardo Yorba teachers with pins to recognize their service of 15 or more years on Monday, April 4, 2016 during a BYMS staff meeting.

Mr. Pham, Mr. Spoonhower, and Mrs. Gaitan were recognized for their 15 years of service. Mr. Kish has been working here for 20 years. Mrs. Spicer and Mrs. Watson are teachers that have worked at BYMS for 25 years.

“I feel very honored to be recognized for my service and dedication to teaching students,” Mr. Pham, a math teacher at BYMS teacher, stated. “It is not that surprising to me to realize I have worked in the district for 15 years.” Mr. Pham has worked at Esperanza High School for 4 years and BYMS for 11 years.

“I felt very grateful to be part of PYLUSD. It is a very good practice to take time to recognize employees for their years of service and to celebrate their milestones. Time goes by very fast! Over fifteen years at BYMS, and going strong. Go Matadors!” Mrs. Gaitan, the BYMS Spanish teacher, stated.

“I have always been proud to be at this school.  Knowing that I have given 21 years of my life to teaching has proven rewarding. I never thought of being a teacher until 1 year before I graduated from college. So, sometimes, I find it hard to believe that 21 years have flown by so quickly,” stated Mr. Kish, the BYMS 8th grade language arts and activities director.

“It’s very nice that the district recognizes teachers for their many years of teaching the students of PYLUSD. I’ve really enjoyed working at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. We have great students and great parents. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity for many, many years,” Mrs. Watson, the BYMS instrumental music teacher, stated. She has been a teacher in Nebraska, Texas, and California for 36 years. “Even though my job involves many extra nights and weekends, the time just flies by when I’m working with music students,” she added.

“Good work deserves to be recognized and we were thrilled to present these awards to staff members at Bernardo Yorba. ‘We cannot gain happiness by seeking it directly. Instead it comes only as a by-product as we give ourselves to others.’ Ron Sider,” stated Dr. Domene.