Emily Ito Takes Second Place in Annual Chapman Holocaust Art and Writing Competition


Sherman Shen

Emily Ito, BYMS eighth grade student, was awarded second place for her video  in the Annual Chapman Holocaust Art and Writing Competition held March 4th with over hundreds of schools representing, including 150 middle schools. The competition is used to recognize survivors of the holocaust using poetry, literature, art, and or prose were all options.

“The 1939 Society, one of the largest and most active Holocaust survivor organizations in the United States, and with the support of the Samueli Foundation, Dana and Yossie Hollander and others, the Rodgers Center annually sponsors an art and writing contest for middle and high school students.” states the official Chapman website.

“Focusing on themes central both to the Holocaust and to ethical decision making in our world today, the contest gives students from public, private and parochial schools the opportunity to share their creative  works in response to survivors’ oral testimonies,” stated Chapman University.

“I was intrigued by other entries.” stated Gianna  Fernandez who created the art project ‘Where I Belong,’ “I have seen the beautiful talents and hard work from students  from other schools, inspiring me to try harder. It was also amazing to hear and understand how and why they based their entries from the Holocaust survivors. All winning entries gave me chills.” “I was also impressed by the other entries.” Stated second place winner Emily Ito, “ Each one was interesting and well planned.”

“Surprised but thrilled” were Emily’s words used to describe her reaction to winning second place. She had inspiration when she heard a testament from a holocaust survivor. “I wanted to ensure that her incredible journey was remembered and heard.” Emily Ito describes the event as, “Amazing, I was thrilled to meet numerous different holocaust survivors each with an incredible story” The event took place march 4th of 2016 with over hundreds of schools representing including 150 middle schools.