Student of The Week: Camila Solis


Photo courtesy of: Carly DeGirolomo

Camila Solis, an 8th grader at BYMS, enjoys helping 7th graders with their drama skills in class and seeing them improve. “Camila is an exceptional artist. She is a team leader able to be organized for her colleagues also,” Mrs. Bailey stated.

“Camila exhibits leadership qualities, artistic design, and overall creativity in her work. She is an outstanding student,” Mrs. Bailey, the Art and Drama teacher, said about the BYMS Student of The Week in an interview.

“An Activity I have found most challenging about this class is having to catch up with the 7th graders when they perform,” explained Camila Solis in an exclusive interview. Besides that, she enjoys this class a lot and says Mrs. Bailey is a great teacher.

Camila Solis is very skilled when it comes to art. Besides being apart of the Art and Drama class at BYMS, she also takes other art classes outside of school. Besides that she also plays basketball out of school as her sport.

Congratulations, Camila Solis, for being chosen as the Art and Drama student of the week!