Seventh Graders Elected for 2016-17

BYMS seventh graders have elected Carley Austin for ASB President, Christine Lee for Eighth Grade President, Nathan Le for ASB Vice President, Collin Chavez for  ASB Treasurer, and Chloe Lee for ASB Secretary.

The 2016-2017 ASB election were held on March 24 as a sixth period assemble after the candidates gave their speeches. There were 22 students participating in the election, with five people winning.

Now that Collin Chavez has been elected ASB Treasurer, he plans to help manage the school budget and help the leadership/ASB class in anyway possible.

Chloe Lee has been elected for ASB Secretary. She has future plans such as a plan to encourage her peers, to make BYMS safer and better, and a more friendlier place. She thinks with the new officers, BYMS can be successful in creating experienced leaders of the future. Setting an example at BYMS excites her most.

“What excites me most about about being an officer at BYMS is I get to help the school, community, and to make Bernardo a better place for the students,” stated Collin Chavez, ASB Treasurer.

“I choose this position because it seemed the best for me. It’s also that I can handle what the Vice President does,” stated Nathan Lee,  the 2016-17 8th grade BYMS Vice President.

Carley Austin, as the 2016-2017 ASB President, has future plans of a canned food drive, more spirit rallies, pajama day, twin day, spirit week, and help the new seventh graders get through the year. The most exciting thing for her next year is to make BYMS better to the best of her abilities.

Christine Lee has future plans like making everyone feel involved within school. The things that excites her most is entertaining everyone, having a good time in the last year she is there, and making a good impression on the new seventh graders coming in.

“All students running for office are evaluated by their teachers.  This score is added to the election results and their interview results.  The students who are not elected are placed back in the pool of other students who are applying for the leadership class.  Their teacher evaluations remain the same; however, these scores are now added to their application score and their speech score.  So, no running for office does not provide any advantage over the other candidates,” mentioned Mr. Kish, BYMS language arts teacher, activities director, and yearbook teacher.

“Election season brings out the very best in students seeking election.  As for the candidates who won, I say ‘congratulations!’  It is so difficult for students to stand up in front of their peers and speak about themselves.  My hat is off to all of the candidates!” stated Mr. Valburg, BYMS Principal.