Yearbook Student of the Week: Payton Armbruster


Photo Courtesy of Isabella Archuleta.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” said Payton Armbruster 8th grade BYMS student about being chosen as yearbook student of the week.

Mr. Kish, BYMS language arts teacher, yearbook, and leadership adviser, thinks Payton stands out because she is, “positive, dedicated, and creative.”

Payton enjoys taking videos in yearbook. She has 4 to 5 “spreads”, or pages, she has been responsible for in yearbook. She also enjoys playing basketball outside of school. she plays point guard and is on the team Swish.

“Payton was particularly diligent while working on video productions in the 2nd quarter,” explained Mr. Kish.

“Mr. Kish is a great teacher and really helps the class,” responded Armbruster.

Payton is a role model for others because “she leads by example,” according to Mr. Kish.

Congratulations Payton!