State Testing Is Coming in April

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“Take your time.  Relax.  Double check answers,” stated Ken Valburg, BYMS Principal, about the upcoming CAASPPT testing for language arts and math that will take place in April and extend through May for a three week testing schedule.

Ken Valburg said that Bernardo will have “block scheduling” for the tests. “A block schedule is an extended class period, and a day is split over two days with periods 1, 3, 7 on one day and the next day will be 2, 4, 6.  Period 5 will stay the same due to our split lunch schedule. This will allow for more uninterrupted time to complete the test,” he explained. Deborah Hensel, BYMS language arts teacher said “The block schedule we have set in place should accommodate both the Language Arts and Math testing.  Students who are absent will be given time for make ups in the MPR on a separate day.” We will be testing on the week of April 18-22 for the Math and Language Arts Test, May 9-13 for Math only, then finally May 23-27 for Language arts only.

Testing should take no more than eight hours. Before the test, BYMS will take a practice test, which will allow students to prepare for the final test. “Yes, there will be a time for practice tests.  We are planning on having a block schedule for those two days.  The practice testing will be after we return from Spring Break.  Students do not need to ‘practice’ for these tests as they have been learning all of the material on the test throughout the school year.

If a student wishes, they can take practice tests on the California Department of Education website,” explained Deborah Hensel. Other than that, everything should also be the same as last years testing, and nothing will change.

Deborah Hensel gave some final tips for the students “Get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, don’t panic! Lot’s of students fail because of them being scared.” Hopefully everybody is prepared for the two tests and are ready to get a good grade. If you still think you aren’t as prepared for this test, you can take the practice test from the California Department of Education website.