Language Arts Students of the Week: Ito,Lin,DiPonio,Mansoor,Le

Lillian Lin 8th, Emily Ito 8th, Nathan Le 7th, Nyomi Mansoor 7th, and Katrina DiPonio 7th were all chosen by their language arts teacher as Language Arts Student of the month.

“Lillian Lin is a bright talented young 8th grader she has been chosen for the language arts student of the week because of her great qualities: she is known as a detailed complex and insightful worker stated Mrs.Perez.

“I’d love to have more of a sporadic “debate” the one about “should cheerleaders give presents to football players” was especially interesting, said Lillian Lin.

Emily Ito is always trying to maximise her abilities. Emily works diligent on her chapman University Holocaust Arts writing contest assignment. She developed a film which represents this years theme.

Nathan Le is a conscientious student, he takes great pride in his work and it shows. He has earned all O’s in citizenship for language arts. He has a wonderful writing skills, his organization  and amazing creativity are always a part of his writing ,reported Mrs. Breneman.

“ I’ve found not much challenging in this class except for writing big things like essays” ,stated Nathan Le.

“Mrs.Breneman is phenomenal, she makes everything clear.” “ She also made me learn lots of new things, she’s overall a outstanding teacher”, stated Nathan Le.

Katrina DiPon is an awesome addition to BYMS, she is a new student here who arrived at the end of the Second Quarter. “Katrina stands out because she has done an amazing job getting up to speed in our class!” ,Stated Mrs.Swarm.  On our fiction Unit Project, she took the initiative to independently read the stories that were covered BEFORE she was here so that she could do the project with the rest of the class, reported Mrs.Swarm.

“She is a role model for others due to her high-quality of work and the initiative that she takes to solve problems. She is an awesome example of the kind of BYMS spirit that makes our school great!” , reported Mrs.Swarm.

“The challenging things are just remembering to do my reading, but so far I am doing good”

“I like Mrs.Swarm because she reminds me of my old language Arts teacher and she is very sweet”