BYMS Host “Feeling Groovy” Bookfair

Feeling Groovy and need a book? If so, come visit the BYMS book fair on March 14 and ends March 18. This book fair is themed “Feeling Groovy” It  will be located in the library during lunch, break, and after school until 3:45.

In addition to books, there will also be many pencils, erasers, bookmarks, and pencil toppers. Every time you buy a book, you earn a raffle ticket to have the chance of winning a book and you get a free bookmark.

The books that will be raffled off at this year’s book fair are Unfriended by Rachel Vail, The Murk by Robert Lettrick, Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop, and Guinness World Records- Gaming Edition.

Books to keep your eyes out for are Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, and the Guinness World Records 2015- Gaming Edition.

“We do not make any money from the book fair, just Scholastic dollars which are used to get new books for the library,” stated Ms. McCann.