BYMS Goes To Yorba Linda District Festival

Every year the Placentia Unified School District has a period of three days called the District Festival where the choirs from each schools come to showcase their talent to the other schools.

BYMS brings all three choirs: Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Mixed Chorus, to the festival that takes place in the middle of March. The dates of the festival vary depending on the year, however the date is always within about 2 weeks of last year’s gathering.

This year, our three choirs sang 6 songs. Two combined numbers concerning all three choirs: “Morokeni” and “What Tomorrow Brings”; Vocal ensemble sang two songs by themselves: “Oceans and Stars” and “So Danco Samba”; Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble sang a melody called “Go Lassie Go”; then all the boys in our choirs and the choirs from Esperanza, Yorba Linda, and Travis Ranch sang “Coney Island.”

On March 10, 2016 some of “BYMS’ best choirs ever,” as spoken by the lovely Mrs. Nason, BYMS’ choir teacher, went to the District Festival and “blew the crowd away.” Or so many of the students in our choirs thought. BYMS can’t wait until next year!-