Mr. Shen Sponsors Photography Club


Photo Courtesy of Elina Savalia

“I started photography club because photography is something that I love and I know that many students are also interested in this field. I wanted there to be a place where we could gather and talk about photography as well as get inspiration from one another to create better pictures,” stated Mr.Shen, a seventh grade social studies teacher and the BYMS photography club advisor.

The photography club’s next meeting is Wednesday, March 16. The club meets every two weeks on Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Shen’s classroom. Students are welcomed to eat in his room.

“Anyone is welcome to come… if students missed the first meeting, they can still be part of the club,” Mr. Shen stated.

The club will talk about the different aspects of photography and may practice the manual controls on cameras. They will also have photo contests revolving around a theme. This month’s “school,” and members are encouraged to be creative while interpreting the themes.