Student of the Week : Matthew Yee


Gabby Neeley

“Matthew is a strong leader, practices, and works hard, and is always willing to help”, said Mrs. Rita Watson the band and orchestra director in an interview about BYMS student of the week.

Matthew Yee, a 7th grader member of chambers strings has a very difficult solo; and is playing it with a very high level of musicianship. He learned his solo quickly and continues to improve.

When asked what was most challenging he answered with only one difficulty in chambers. “The activity I find the most challenging is keeping the whole orchestra together”, explained Matthew Yee in an  exclusive interview.

“He is a very skilled violinist, but he is also very humble. If he is asked to demonstrate a skill, he does so with a smile and remains humble,”explained Mrs. Watson.

Outside of school Matthew enjoys doing water polo, swimming, baseball, soccer, and a swim team. When asked about his class Matthew said, “This would be a great opportunity for people love music.”

Congratulations, Matthew Yee, for being chosen as BYMS social studies student of the week.