BYMS Seventh Graders Prepare for the Richard Nixon Map Test

Quick find… Kingman Reef, Bonin Island, and Socotra Island ask a BYMS seventh grade student he or she can  tell you because he or she is studying for the Richard Nixon Map Test.

BYMS seventh grade students that are in Mr.Shen’s history class have been taking practice tests on the world map. “I think that it gets you prepared for the big test,” stated seventh grade BYMS student Jordan Crothers. “BYMS has taken this test for over a decade,” stated Mr.Shen, BYMS seventh grade social studies teacher.

The test is 35 questions with a verity of different versions. It is going to take place in the BYMS library. The test is going to be on March 8th and 9th. “I believe that the knowledge of the world geography is extremely important,” stated Mr. Shen.