Matadors Greeted by Singing Announcements

Matadors Greeted by Singing Announcements

Mr. Marshall

Matadors have found their mornings more lively by listening to the singing announcements by leadership students.

“Singing during morning announcements brightens my day, and most likely a lot more people’s as well,” stated Anna Bulis, a singing leadership student. “When I was in seventh grade, the announcements were long and boring. I hope to make people listen and have fun with the announcements by singing.”

“Each song we choose for the morning announcements have a meaning,” stated Hailey Holdeman, another singing leadership student. “Anna and I chose ‘We’re All in this Together’ to show that we, as a school, are all in this together. It symbolizes us all being unique but still connected.”

“I like the singing in the morning,” stated Mr. Shen, seventh grade history teacher at BYMS. “It’s a nice change of pace, and every once in awhile, some of my first period students sing along! I like the songs they are doing.”

“I like the singing in the announcements because they choose good songs and they have a meaning behind the songs,” Jordan Crothers, a seventh grader, stated.

“I am always open to new and different ways of sending messages to increase the likelihood that people will listen,” stated Mr. Valburg, BYMS’s principal. “I also like for school to be a fun place and I think that singing is fun!…  I would think that if the morning announcers have a novel way of welcoming everyone to school, then I am all for it.”