Science Student of the Week: Carla Fakhro


Courtesy of Isabella Archuleta

“I was surprised, but happy and proud to be Science Student of the Week,” stated BYMS seventh grade student, Carla Fakhro

BYMS science teacher Mrs. Spicer chose Carla Fakhro because, “She always puts 100% into her work and because her creativity comes through whenever she has to draw or sketch.”

Carla said, “I enjoy science because the activities I have to color or do some type of creative artwork on are fun, I also enjoy using the microscopes.”

“She is a role model for others by always coming to class prepared, working well with others on group projects, and always having a positive attitude,” according to Mrs. Spicer

Carla said the hardest part about science is, “I think the most challenging activity in this class is having to remember the notes for test and quizzes and also learning how to use the microscopes.”

Carla would also like to say that, “Science class is one of the most fun classes I’m in. Mrs. Spicer is also a great teacher and makes the class enjoyable and interesting.”

Congrats, Carla