BYMS Social Studies Student of the Week: Arianna Gardeazabal

“Arianna perseveres. She sets an example with a mature attitude about her classwork. She recognizes her weaknesses and seeks to improve,” explained BYMS social studies teacher Phil Seitz about his student, Arianna Gardeazabal about his student of the week.

Arianna Gardeazabal is in 8th grade and earned 110% on her Constitution exam, earning the best score out of Seitz’s three classes.

Studying games and watching educational videos has helped Arianna do well. “I really enjoy the studying games and watching Crash Courses or other videos,” she stated.

When asked what was challenging for Arianna, she explained that taking clear class notes can be problematic. “But only if we are rushing through them,” she added.

“Arianna does not get distracted in class. She has a level of seriousness about her that is refreshing,” explained Mr.Seitz.

Outside of school, Arianna enjoys practicing playing bass, horseback riding, and painting. History used to be her least favorite subject until she joined Mr.Seitz’s class. Now it is one of her favorite classes because of visual learning tools and Quizlets.                                                             

Congratulations, Arianna Gardeazabal, for being chosen as “BYMS” social studies student of the week.