Kolb, Mora, and Schroeder Take Top Spot in the BYMS Basketball Tournament

Photo Courtesy of Gabby Neely.

Carly DeGirolomo

Photo Courtesy of Gabby Neely.

“Great,like winners, like our defense was great,” stated Sam Kolb BYMS eighth grader. BYMS eighth grade students Sam Kolb, Mason Schroeder, and Daniel Mora have won the BYMS three-on-three Basketball Tournament title sponsored by the BYMS leadership class after six weeks of competition among 23 teams.

“The basketball tournament was hosted every day except for Monday, so the teams had a break from basketball,” stated Hailey Holdemen, BYMS eighth grade leadership student.

“It is important to have sports tournaments to keep students exercising and to have a little fun competition,” explained Holdemen.

BYMS tries to have competitions that both boys and girls would like. “We want all BYMS students to sign up for the tournament to get into school spirit,”added Holdemen.

“There are some challenges in are choosing the tournaments, setting it up, and tearing it down,” reported Holdemen. Some of the leadership students are leaving class early and there are less people to set up. “If it takes too long to tear it down then some students are late to class,” reported Holdemen.

“Another challenge for leadership was that not all the teams were all not there, reported  Holdemen. Which means some people are absent so leadership has to post pone the basketball games. “All these are tough but that makes it fun,” stated Holdemen.

Other sports tournaments are planned for the spring and will be announced in the daily bulletin.