De Friese Students Perform 12th Night Through Puppetry


Photo Courtesy of: Gabby Neeley

 “They are weird and fun, and I love how we get to be so active,” Bethany Barks told Matador Messenger while making a sock puppet in Ms. De Friese’s class for the play they are performing in front of their class.

Ms. De Friese showed the class how to make the puppets, then on December 10, she had parent helpers come and help the students make them. After the children are done making the sock puppets, they are going to perform a skit, or play, in front of the parents.

“”We don’t usually get to do activities like this, so it was a great experience,” said Brian Russell, one of Ms. De Friese’s students in her first period.

About four to five parents helped out in the morning, then there was an afternoon help crew, and the end-of-the-day helpers. Some of these applicable helpers were Juanita Rice, April Miller, Lore Dodier, and even Ms. De Friese’s mother, Sherry De Friese, supported this activity.